Having a Summer Wedding? Hot Tips to Make it Awesome

Summer weddings are great but they can also get sweaty and uncomfortable. Read on for some tips to alleviate discomfort and make your summer wedding totally awesome. 

Firstly- don’t expect the guys to wear full suits. This is so ridiculous. They’ll be sweating bullets and that makes people self conscious and cranky. Guys in a nice shirt and pants (or for some weddings nice shorts are ok too) with suspenders and/ or a bow tie look awesome and will be infinitely more comfortable. Plus, this dress suits the summer vibe so much more.

Move inside/ undercover: Be prepared to let go of your outdoor dream if it means everyone including you- are going to be more comfortable. Sweating the makeup off that took hours to apply and guys with massive sweat patches: not fun, no good for pics. Just let it go. Your guests (and your vendors) will thank you. Celebrants have reported PA’s and Ipads failing in high heat and I’ve heard of a couple fainting. Come on- this is just silly.

Water: Provide lots of it. Sparkling and still and make it cold. You can never have too much. I don’t love the idea of bottles because allll that unnecessary waste. Allowing people to serve their own water via big cannisters with taps or providing jugs that are constantly topped up works well. Add ice and some sliced fruit in the dispensers and people are all over it.

On the subject of ice- lots of it: Serve beers and white wine and serve it cold. Signature drinks are awesome too- frozen margaritas, gin and tonic with tonnes of ice and sliced cucumber, dacquiris or mojitos. Serve em up, serve em cold. People love a personal touch like this and for years you’ll hear them talk about ‘that bloody steaming hot day, rolling out those margaritas was a master stroke’

Shade: Sounds simple right? Nup. Have turned up to weddings in the blazing sun and there’s not been any shelter. You gotta get the marquees up, the market umbrellas and even provide single umbrellas for shade. And while we’re on it, sunscreen- provide it in baskets so guests can put it on themselves. If you’re going for a fun vibe at a backyard/ winery/ brewery type wedding, get visors made with your wedding deets on them and hand them out. Great for pics and people will really appreciate them as the day progresses.

Forget the cake and do fancy iceblocks or icecream. I promise you no one’s eating cake when it’s 39 degrees. They want light snacky food, white meat, salads, fruit, water and ice. There’s so many amazing gelato and icecream trucks and vans that do weddings. My Goaty, Bianco Latte, Short Batch and Something Sweet all service Melbourne. Google what’s in other states.


You can also get fancy alcoholic icy poles. Champers, frosè, martini in an icy pole? https://wearepops.com/australia/ let you order online or can send a bicycle and someone to serve them.


Alternatively, have an old skool nostalgic fave on ice- Frosty Fruits, even Zooper Doopers. These little touches are the things people remember really fondly about a wedding. Promise.


Anti perspirant Deodorant: I recommend to all my couples Mitchum deodorant. I probs wouldn’t advise wearing it daily but for your wedding- it’s industrial strength and works a treat.


Misting fans/ systems/ bottles: these are relatively inexpensive to hire or buy. You can get hanging misting systems on line and at Bunnings that connect simply to a garden hose. Later in the day, when heat begins to really soar and you’ve had some pretty pics done, why not- get wet, get cool, have fun. Guaranteed awesome fun pics too.


Alternatively, get those nice looking slimline metal misting bottles from $2 shops, fill and leave in a bucket of ice. People can use at their leisure.


Feeling cooler? Sweet as. Have a killer summer wedding!