Do I need a DJ for my Wedding?

Oh man, if I had a dollar for every time I’m asked this question..

Are you thinking- we’re just going to do some Spotify playlists and go with that/ save money/ not essential yada yada?..

 I’m a big believer in getting a professional to manage the tunes on your big day. The main reason is- a playlist cannot read the vibe of your crowd and adjust its tunes accordingly.

 You might anticipate your crew will be at Drake stage at 8pm but they may still be in De La Soul territory. A good DJ will drop a tune and see it doesn’t have the desired effect so they’ll change direction.

 Music can make or break a wedding. Don’t cheap out on it.

 Good DJ’s will get you to guide the tune list for the night- what do you love and what don’t you want played? They can take requests and if they’re really vibing and interacting with the crowd that amps the d floor vibe even more. It’s also just more .. human..

 Secondly, putting together playlists is a massive undertaking if you really care about the music and the vibe it creates.

 Just leave it to the pros. I meet so many couples in the week of the wedding and the playlists remain on the to do list, creating a lot of unnecessary stress.

 Thirdly, they control the entry and exit tunes, which means you’re not allocating that job to a nervous friend who might stuff it up. Trust me- no one’s ever that relaxed about having that job.

 To finish, I’ll give you an example of DJ excellence from one of the best weddings I’ve ever done- who had the awesome DJ I used for my wedding.

 The couple arrived together to ‘You Make My Dreams’ by Hall and Oates- a total BANGER of a song for a high vibe entry. The bride told me the week later the DJ re-dropped it late in the night to a frenzied reception. The dancefloor was going off. The vibe was pumping.

 That there is pure genius and something everyone from that wedding will remember. A spontaneous decision by a pure pro to amp that vibe a bit higher by dropping a nostalgic track at the right time.


 Book a DJ. Please. There’s some recommendations in the Band Mates section on my site if you need direction.