Do we need a videographer for our wedding?

Again- as with DJ’s, I get asked this question a lot.

In short, I would. It’s better to have it than not and regret it.

Before I started as a celebrant I had a second and last baby and juggled the idea of having a labour and birth videographer come and film it for us. As with weddings, having babies is an intense, mind blowing and totally unique experience.

Anyway- I didn’t get the video and basically I really regret it, as I won’t be having any more babes.


Wedding video these days is so good. Like amazing. I get them sent to me from my couples and I get such massive feels from them as just their celebrant it’s not even funny. Have shed a few tears, have laughed out loud, have felt very nostalgic.


A great videographer captures people’s personalities and interactions as well as all the other ‘big moment’ stuff. And you know why? I had this conversation with awesome videographer Nathan Kaso about this.


People don’t really get it- video, that is. As in, they don’t know if they’re being filmed most of the time as the videographer seems to cruise about and is looking down into a lens of a camera that’s often held low. It’s pretty covert.


So, what does that mean for you? It means people are in their natural states, not posing or awkward. Which is of course AMAZING for footage. Unless you want them filming your new partner chewing your garter off your leg etc. In that case, there’s def people for that.


But you won’t find them on my recommendation list. Soz.


Have I sold you yet?


Secondly, ask any photographer if they had vid at their weddings or if they recommend it- betcha they do. It’s just a different perspective.


But the main reason is this: your day is going to go by in the blink of an eye, of that you can be absolutely sure. You’ll recall snippets mainly. Video will capture all the good bits. And then some.


Yeh, you need it.


I chatted to some of Melbourne’s best about what videography adds to your wedding day:

“The number one thing I hear from people at weddings is ‘We just got married and didn't get a video, that is the only thing we regret!’ It can seem like a bit of a luxury, but video is such a great way to
capture the mood and tone of a wedding, and if done right it can take you right back to how you felt on the day”

Nathan Kaso


 “Videography (along with photography) is one of the few things that gain value over time. Flowers wilt, dresses are worn once and memories fade but film is forever. It's not just about getting a video, it's more about investing in moments you want to continue to remember long after the wedding's done.

Sure, you can absolutely rely on a photographer to do that but you'll wind up missing all the wonderful little nuances and moments of the day that even the most experienced photographer misses. (Video is one of the most) invaluable things a couple can invest in on their wedding day. It's a deeply underestimated aspect of any wedding”

 Carlo Peritore  - Lunar Red


“Photography and video are very different, even though we work so closely together, the one thing that is special about videography, is we can capture the words that were said and how they were said.


This is how your wedding video can instantly transport you back to that moment, when your partner is saying their vows to you, and there's that crack in their voice just before the tears start flowing, the true emotion in that moment that you can relive over and over”

 Jack- Oneheart


 “Rather than a single snapshot in time, you get all of the truly intimate moments in a way that is so much easier to engage with.

 Couples get to see moments they would have just otherwise missed as they were wrapped up in the fever of the day. The way that dad looked as he first sees you in that dress, the laughter from the guests as you talk about them during your speeches.

 …re-watching it will give you the feeling of being there every time”

 Michael- Native


To wrap this up- watch this banging clip by Nathan Kaso and tell me you don’t want video/ need at your wedding. Sign me uppppp!







Page image: Anna Taylor