Wedding Music- Where the Tunes at?

Does music matter to you? Are you feeling overwhelmed about where to start with tunes for your wedding?

When we were planning our wedding, tunes were the first thing we booked. I knew immediately who I wanted and was prepared to change my date if he couldn’t play that day.

So, where to start with finding the right fit for you?

Ask your vendors- particularly if you gel with them and they’re music people too. Vendors work with music makers all the time and they’ll have some recommendations.

Hit Insta. Most bands and DJ’s will have sample tunes to give you an idea of their sound. Check their reviews. Watch their vids.  Sometimes they’ll play public gigs so go and see them. Do they have the vibe you want?

Honestly, in my opinion, if you want a banging wedding, tunes are non negotiable. There is nothing- NOTHING- that will create an atmosphere/ an energy/ a vibe like music- particularly if it’s live.

I put recorded music on as soon as I arrive at a wedding. Generally I ask the couple to make me a couple of playlists so it’s personal and I hook it up to my PA. It gets me in the zone and there’s nothing worse than guests arriving to complete quiet. It’s like a wake and everyone will be awkward and immediately get their phones out to scroll. Social alibi and all that.

Must have tunes (even recorded) and give them a drink! Nothing says this is going to be a fun gig more than these two elements from the get go. It gets people in the mood and gets the party vibe started early.

So, as far as tunes go- who are my faves/ what are my recs?

It depends entirely what you want.

An ideal wedding for me involves acoustic duo pre and during ceremony and for the signing and dinner then later- a DJ who will get the place absolutely jumping.

You cannot go wrong with some 80’s, some 90’s R n B, funk, disco and hip hop. Everyone loves it. You will have a full dancefloor and a big vibe on this kinda tune catalogue. Music can be so complementary but it can also be polarising. Death metal or dubstep may be your thang but it’s probs going to leave your guests a bit confused and disengaged. Tunes need to be fun/ inclusive/ nostalgic/ even a bit daggy. Honestly, there’s nothing better than a whole crew of people singing or giving a bit of that toot toot, some of that beep beep.

If you’ve got a DJ, send them a playlist of tunes you love so they get your vibe.

If it’s a live act, ask them what they can do. Honestly. Fidel and Sarah, who are one of my faves and do awesome folky tunes have done some really crazy shit in their own style and absolutely smashed it. Acoustic Chop Suey with ukulele? Amazing!

Put some time into your choice. Your wedding will be so much better for it. We still have guests almost 10 years later talking about our mad d floor.

A few of my faves in the mix right now:





http://blackcaesarevents.com/ (We had Eric (Obliveus) for our wedding- he’s amazing)















Go get em!