Nat Sproal is a warm, genuine and slightly cheeky Melbourne marriage celebrant specialising in fun celebrations full of heart and good vibes. 


If you’ve seen a great celebrant in action you’ll appreciate how much they make a wedding hum. Who wants a one size fits all monologue that you endure just to get to the party?  

Formal, traditional weddings aren’t really my thing. My style is relaxed, fun, warm and engaging. I encourage every prospective couple to check not just my website, but my Instagram page, which will leave you in no doubt as to who I am and what I do.

I'm a seasoned traveller. I love good tunes and I’m a bit of a foodie. I love a good wine or a well made G + T. You’ll always find me on the d floor.

Sound like the cut of your jib? There’s a few reasons I go alright in the marrying game:


I develop real relationships with my couples. It’s crucial that we vibe with each other. This means meetings are enjoyable, your ceremony will hum and I will totally engage and connect with your guests.


I'm old enough to have had a bit of life experience, yet young enough to still be in the loop, keeping things fresh and relevant.


After 20 odd years as a nurse I can pretty much talk to anyone and handle anything. I've got an eye for detail and I’m super organised. It's the little things.


Not much surprises me or rattles me. I'm thoughtful and empathetic. I'll be with you the entire way.


I will write and deliver you a cracking ceremony - guaranteed no cheese. Just a genuine, fun and personal ceremony delivered with warmth, humour and a little bit of cheek. Plenty of smiles, laughs and perhaps even a few tears.  I will go the extra mile to make your ceremony totally unique. Happy days.



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0421 645 512

Same sex friendly Melbourne marriage celebrant


There's a lot that goes into making sure each ceremony is a unique celebration of you and your partner. From initial meeting to the big day and everything in between I'm with you every step of the way. Below is an overview of my process.


the Set List

Track 1 - MEET over a bevvy of your liking

Track 2 - BOOK and secure date with deposit

Track 3 - COMPLETE the legal paperwork together

Track 4 - WRITE a killer ceremony

Track 5 - RUN THRU and ensure everything is match ready

Track 6 - PERFORM the Main Gig -  W000000t!

Track 7 - LODGE legal paperwork


I meet all my couples pre booking to ensure we’re the right fit for each other. It’s not terribly time efficient but it ensures we’re both happy in the long run.

I’m a full time celebrant but I don’t take on every wedding just for the money. If someone else will fit you guys better I’ll let you know.

I’ll do a lot of un-awks recon to get your story and see what makes you guys tick. This helps me put together a cracking ceremony that’s 100% YOUI’ll be with you the entire way to explain, clarify, suggest and refine. 

Upon booking I’ll send you a resource file, full of bright ideas - cool readings, vows, tunes etc.  A veritable goldmine.

I’ll bring my awesome PA system so the ceremony is crystal clear. I even have a  Madonna mike. Strike a pose etc.

I’ll be at your ceremony an hour prior in some fitting gear for the occasion. I’ll ensure all legal paperwork is mickey mouse and lodge it next business day after your gig.



Image by Jackson Grant Weddings


My pricing is very competitive, but you get what you pay for. 

If you’re looking for an awesome, memorable, bespoke ceremony that celebrates you as a couple and connects with your guests, as well as a calm and steady hand to guide you along the way then I’m an absolute bargain.

If you’re looking to compare my services to someone you found on Gumtree, I'm probs not your girl.


Image by Anna Taylor Photography


I do all sorts of ceremonies, not just weddings. I'm also available for MC gigs, elopements, legals only marriages and funerals.

I’m a big believer in the right of all loving couples to be married, whatever their sexuality.


Wanna just get hitched without any fuss? My Legals Only package includes a single meeting then 128 legal words on the day and all your paperwork prepped and lodged. Available weekdays between 10-2 at a local cafe in Brunswick.


I see funerals as an important responsibility to celebrate, honour, remember and see off a loved one in a personal and respectful manner.

I loved palliative nursing for the satisfaction of knowing I made a difference to a family’s grief experience. I will bring this sensitivity and compassion to funeral ceremonies as well.

vow renewals

Still in love with each other after all these years and want to celebrate it?! Get those old loved up vibes going with a renewal ceremony.

I’ll design a beautifully personalised ceremony honouring the story of your lives since you were married the first time, and your hopes and dreams for the future.

Just declared. Totally married! Image: Carla Mahony and Steve Wise


As you may have guessed from my bio, I love a good gig! Here's the word from my peeps on my celebrant skills. Or if you're looking for more, click the button below to check out my Facebook reviews.



Talented peeps in the biz I can thoroughly recommend:

Image: Elsa Campbell

photographers I LOVE WORKING WITH

Tess Follett (Fun, experienced, able to handle a crowd)

Anna Taylor (legend, skilled, just gets it)

Bianca Virtue (beautiful, high detail photos)

Elsa Campbell (Amazing eye for detail and moments)

Kat Soutar & Scout Kozakiewicz (different perspectives, incredible non posey photos).

Oli Sansom (really interesting, edgy, different)

Rick Liston (Super fun, will totally immerse himself in the party to get the pics)

Image: Rick Liston
Awesome Melbourne wedding celebrant bringing fun weddings


Fidel & Sarah (awesome acoustic music duo)

Little Buster Brown (cool wedding band with stunning vocals)

Hay Bax

Moreland City Soul Revue (Total bluesy rock and roll)

Melbourne Entertainment Co (Have a host of artists but I will only recommend those I’ve seen play). Joey on vocals and guitar and Nathan on sax were incred for setting party vibe.

The Mad Hatters Sound System (Electro swing band with a bloody amazing vibe)


The Vintage Stylus (Serving up old skool vinyl)

DJ Obliveus (played my wedding and he’s amazing- everything from funk, soul, hip hop, metal, 90’s R + B)

DJ TeePee (bangin’ fun DJ)

We Play Records (Vinyl DJ’s)

Dan Toop (Ask him to play the Altar Electric Launch set for your wedding and job’s a goodun!)


Miss Ladybird Blooms (Bec)

Wildflos (Nat)

Flos Botanical Studio (Vivien)


The Altar Electric (Little Registry style weddings that rock) 


follow me

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I live Northside in Melbs but do ceremonies all across Victoria and interstate.

Fill out the form and we can get this party started.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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0421 645 512


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